Java Code Intelligence on your browser

Read and review Java code painlessly on your browser with IDE features directly on your browser. Lilit understands Java's abstract syntax/semantics tree and is completely accurate.

Understand code 10x faster

Code navigation

Jump to definition and find usages with a single click. No more wasting time searching for a symbol by name.

Parameter Name

Spot mistakes easily with inline param names. Read about the misplaced argument mistake in Java.

Type info

See the final return type of a method, even when the method is defined to return a parameterized type.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lilit exactly?

Lilit is a Chrome browser extension, with backend, that adds code intelligence when you view a file or a pull request on Our Chrome browser extension is open-sourced here.

What languages and platforms does Lilit support?

Lilit currently supports a Java repository on that uses Maven or Gradle.

If your repos are on other platforms or on-premises, we would love to work with you. Please contact us here.

How is Lilit different from the alternatives?

Lilit is accurate and complete because Lilit understands Java and the build systems semantically, while the alternatives (e.g. Google's code search, opengrok) use text-based heuristics, and their code intelligence can be fuzzy.

Some examples that set Lilit apart: (1) Lilit correctly resolves overloaded method calls and parameterized types, and (2) Lilit supports jumping to a definition in a jar or JDK.

Ready to get started?

Would like to use Lilit on other platforms or on-premises? Contact us here